Posted by: alegra22 | February 5, 2014

Welcome, Xavier


Dear precious boy,

By the time  you read this, you’ll be used to me (I hope). You’ll read this and shake your head or laugh, as both of your parents often do when we’re together.

I want to welcome you into this world and tell you that we’ve been dreaming of you for a long time. The first time I met your parents, it was ‘chosen family’ at first sight. I felt as though I’d known them both in some ancient story of our spirits intertwined long before we knew this world. When your parents came to share the ‘tree house’ with us, I prepared their bedroom by painting words on their walls. I painted, “child”, “fertility”, “love”, and “parenthood”. I covered the words with paint and prayers and I believed you were destined for this world.

The day your mother told me about you, she did it in her usual fashion…she came for an unexpected visit and mid-sentence informed me that, “By the way, I’m pregnant!”

And the miracle of this announcement changed something in me.

You are so loved, Xavier. You’ve come into this world earlier than expected but I have no doubt this is just part of the plan for your long and powerful life. I want  you to know there has been a tribe of people with big hearts praying for you and your parents from before the moment you were conceived.

You, Xavier, were meant.

I can’t wait to watch you tousle with my children. I warn you; Zaviera will mother hen you but don’t worry, you’ll have an ally in Joaquin and a commiserating companion in Sol. 

And with all of us, a family of the chosen kind.
Bless you, little man, and bless your parents as they fall in love with you in that absolute way that is beyond measure or words.

May angels surround you as you learn to breathe and figure out this business of being in a body.

Grow quickly and with a strength beyond this world.
We are so grateful you are here.

The Clarkes



  1. Oh, his whole world has been blessed by your words. Please congratulate his parents and welcome him, from a not-so-stranger-now, across the world.

  2. Welcome, precious boy.

  3. Amene. Wonderful words. For a brand new soul. Amene.

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