Posted by: alegra22 | March 6, 2013


this and thatIt is true that most of my life is a blur of moments that I want to isolate and adore.

I see that line of color, dialogue, movement and think, “That needs to be held in the palm of my hand and remembered…”

But at the end of the night, when I’m able to reflect, I’m battling my dreams, the tides that are already pulling at the edges of my skin.
I think that the idea of ‘sirens’ has been inappropriately defined.

This image of sailors and dark waters…those were just metaphors.

The real sirens are here, far away from being consumed by waters or tides or beautifully vicious sea creatures, but all the same, they exist.
My sirens call to me.

They are there at the edges of my skin and my body’s desire for sleep…my dreams unfold so easily, without expectation. It would be so easy to sink into them and believe they are enough.

For example..

…last night, they invited me on to their sleek back and swam me out to the middle of the ocean.
Once there, I panicked, knowing my children were still on the shore. And despite my fear of sharks, I swam my way back to them, so they wouldn’t find themselves alone…

…and still…

…I regretted those moments they waited.

The moments they looked around, unable to find me.

So I guess when I look at this year ahead of me, I don’t worry about the assignments, the grades, the practicums…

…I think:

What do I need to do to get myself to the shore?
How can I hold my children and whisper, “Nothing…nothing will keep me from loving you.”



  1. I want to climb inside your mind and wrap your words around me like a blanket. So beautiful. You are a life mermaid…you can live between the shore and the bottom of the ocean with no worries. ❤

  2. Gorgeous and moving as usual.

  3. Once you get past the sirens, lookout for Scylla and Charybdis.

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