Posted by: alegra22 | May 16, 2010


This morning, I woke up disoriented. For a few seconds, I found myself without a name or history. Those seconds stretched and stretched, and in the early morning darkness I looked up to see a man smiling at me. He was both perfectly familiar, as familiar as my skin, and still foreign, as if I were seeing him for the first time. He spoke to me quietly from the doorway. I stared at him through the darkness. I didn’t know what he was saying. Everything muffled by a blanket of peace. 

As those moments stretched, I was not the day-to-day Alegra I’ve become.

I was a child. I trusted the beauty of the world.  I was innocent.

I was also a woman watching this strong, dark-haired man move across the room toward me. Calling him ‘handsome’ doesn’t capture it. He was home. And he was speaking to me in a voice that contained so much love that I couldn’t understand the words at first.

 “Time to wake up, babe,” he said. “Kids are eating breakfast.”

And then it all came rushing back. My life. The noisy, scrambling, reality of it.

Zaviera shouted a demand from the kitchen. Joaquin squealed. Dan smiled at me as he disappeared into the hallway.

In the darkness, I held that moment of recognition. And then I got up. Wiped the sleep from my eyes. Felt the ache in my muscles. The weight of the things ahead. I stepped in to the light of another day.

On Friday, seven years will have passed from that first night that I crossed the street to talk to my husband.  There was something about him that was so familiar. I couldn’t resist.

Now, as I type this one-handed. Joaquin chews on my thumb and growls, proud of his two new teeth. There are research papers all over the table. Dishes in the sink. Laundry hanging on the line. Sol’s rats squeak and plan rebellions in their cage.

And it arrives again. That innocence, that familiarity, that recognition of grace.

Nuestra casa reposa mutuamente en cada corazon. Coda momento nos dan ses un regalo. Nos estimos cada dia como si fue el ultimo.

In his heart, I have found home.

Happy anniversary mi amor.



  1. So Beautiful. I am so happy you two have found eachother in this world…

    • Thank you Alyx, me too. So glad you have Leo and now your little Nico.

  2. Awesomeness

    Why did the Eros cross the road?

    • Because the guy on the other side was really hot.

  3. Woah 7 years you’ve known each other. Such beauty my sis in the way you write. So involving and precious, unique and real life.


    • Thank you hermana…I know, seven years! It’s crazy isn’t it? Time seems to be slipping through our fingers.

  4. Beautiful. Not just your words, but your family and the love you all have for each other. 🙂 Happy Anniversary to two people who dispel the myth of True Love.

    • thank you Kemari – meeting Dan changed all of my ideas of what’s possible in a relationship. If he’d asked me to marry him a month after we met I would’ve said yes. I already knew I was in the best kind of trouble!

  5. The question becomes, who is luckier, him or you? Get back to me in about 50 years.

    • I can answer that right now: Me, I am the lucky one to have him. He’s lucky to be born with such a good nature that tolerates me ;o)

  6. Damn that was one beautiful testimony to love. I love your love for each other.

    • Jordan, me too. Some days it bewilders me with its goodness.

  7. This was lovely. It’s all the little moments tied together, isn’t it?

    • Yes it is the little moments and it so easy to let them pass without realizing how big they are. Sort of like those churches that look small and humble from the outside and then you step inside and discover cathedral ceilings and a space that defies physics.

  8. This is such introspective writing!!! It inspires me beyond belief…thank you.

    • Thank you Sue! I am so glad it inspired you.

  9. ❤ Thank you for sharing this moment of happy! I really enjoy reading about your life and love and how you got to where you are. ❤

    • Thank you Debbi :o)

  10. What a lovely way to put it. Recognition.

    • Thank you Michelle

  11. As your mother, I must admit, until I met Dan I had doubts. Then I met him and felt the love vibrating between the two of you and I knew I was going to have grandchildren and a happy daughter.

    • As if you had to admit! ;o) Kalimama is not-so-subtle about making her doubts be known. xoxoox

  12. Kia ora bubs
    I just had to reply to this seeing as I may be involved somehow, and to congratulate you for your anniversary, for being who you are, and being loving and caring parents to my beautiful mokopuna. Tino nui te aroha raua korua. mum oxox
    ps. Love reading your blogs too, great stuff!!

    • Ha! Thank you Mum…yes, we had visions of going out dancing this weekend but will have to see how much I get done this week – it has been rough going with Mister Chubby Distraction during the days and then at night – well you know how it is with the three ring circus (Zaviera, Sol, and Joaquin) xoox

  13. Beautiful.

    Sorry I’m so late with the Happy Anniversary wishes 🙂

  14. awesome.reminds me of how i met my husband 25 years ago during gynaec residency. One look is all it takes…..Be happy

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