Posted by: alegra22 | July 1, 2009

the flight of angels

waiting on God

waiting on God

Yesterday night I turned off the television and ordered both of my children to the dinner table.

“Right!” I said, putting both hands on my hips and wilting inside, “If you are going to keep up all this noisy complaining and arguing about movies, we are turning off the movie!”

Sol and Zaviera sat in their chairs and started kicking one another beneath the table as I went about banging pots, sighing, muttering, and somewhere in my mind, paddling on my surfboard towards a sunset horizon.  This other self sat up on her surfboard and felt the ocean rock gently beneath her as I went about portioning noodles and peas.

I looked up when Zaviera screeched, my mouth open, ready to bark, “Stop fighting!”

But instead of sibling bloodthirst, Sol was squirming in his chair, giggling.  Sol declares, “Mommy! I just felt something. I felt it before, before when I was complaining about the movie.”

“What did you feel?” Inside my mind, I begin to paddle for a wave. Long strokes, my arms sore from the effort, my eyes fixed on the shore.

“I felt an angel.”

Thinking I had misheard, I ask again, “You felt a-what?”

“An angel. I felt it again. And when I was complaining, I felt it.”

“An angel?”

“Yes, that is why I was complaining!”

“You were complaining about the movie because you felt an angel?”

The wave lifts and I jump to my feet, feeling the wind rush up the face of the water.

“Yes Mommy, because it was a complaining-angel.”

And suddenly, my house full of domestic chaos, dirty dishes and piles of laundry, invading ants and the constant tide of toys, becomes an open ocean.

“A complaining-angel?”

“Yes,” Sol nods, confident in his truth.

I am flying, dancing along this wave, and I grab my child and whisper, “Sol, I love you.”



  1. I love the way Sol’s mind works! I think I may have to think of my grumbling, griping gremlins as angels and maybe they’ll bring me smiles too. Come to think of it, the fallen angels in Dogma did their share of complaining so Sol could really be on to something here.

    xoxo – I miss you!

  2. I think my nephew’s invisible companion is a complaining angel, too. He’s awful fussy every now and then. hehe! Sol is too cute!

    p.s. It’s July already?? What happened to June?!

  3. Ok, this is wonderful. I’m very happy knowing there is a complaining angel, and immediately see how this complaining angel might be quite useful in my ongoing efforts to pester luke for constant attention.

    Hope you’re doing well and getting stuffs done. I’M NOT! (proud grin) Ah well, gonna go to the library and get heaps and heaps of books (or rather, TRY to gets heaps of books which will all be checked out or lost to the netherverse).

    Complaining-angel-bolstered hugsies

  4. “And suddenly, my house full of domestic chaos, dirty dishes and piles of laundry, invading ants and the constant tide of toys, becomes an open ocean.”

    Alegra, this is lovely.

    • It is wonderful to find you over here Bill. And, thank you.

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