Posted by: alegra22 | May 4, 2009

last minute monday

I am obsessed with sushi and chinese food right now.

I am obsessed with sushi and chinese food right now.

Last Wednesday I sat in a room at the University that I’ve named “The Aquarium” because of the large window in front of a desk that looks out on to the foyer. Surrounded by shelves of books, old equipment and smells, I was tap dancing away on my keyboard, looking up every few minutes to watch students and professors interact, the tutorial room buzzing with gossip and banter, and to stuff my mouth with an odd assortment of sushi. My breakfast. I only meant to buy hot chips (fries, only thicker and covered in this yummy salt stuff) but when I arrived at the University cafe I became mesmerized by tuna sushi, sushi covered in seaweed and mushrooms, and, well, eggrolls. Life was good. I was handling the nausea. I managed to smooth out 5,600 words of the first chapter, meet with my professor, and go watch the V-jay Monologues with a few friends that night. I actually enjoyed the V-jay performance by the way. I thought I would be traumatized but I wasn’t. I laughed so hard I was stomping my feet and a few times it brought me to tears. But the main thing is that it didn’t make me want to vomit.

I woke up the next morning and it had all changed.

The nausea hit and hit hard. I am lucky in that I don’t vomit like some women do but I am nauseated from sunrise to sunset. I don’t even want to get descriptive with how it all feels right now. Let me just say that I have been incapable of doing anything for the last five days other than watch Battlestar Galactica, read Silence of the Lambs, take a few notes for the first chapter and second, and try not to cry. Oh, and I downloaded a free novel writing program:

It looks like it is going to be incredibly useful, putting into a program everything I have been trying to do with crude paper and pen. I just need to figure out how to back it up and print out whatever it is I have entered into it. I am paranoid like that. For good reason.

Also, for any of you who need inspiration to get wordcount done for an essay or story, my friend Kemari turned me on to this:

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my first prenatal appointment. Now I understand why people become so loyal to a specific doctor. This man is so good at what he does and it is such a relief to find someone like him. I won’t go into the boring details but I go in this afternoon for the first ultrasound to make sure there is a viable little boogar inside of me causing all this beautiful misery. He also prescribed me nausea medication. I am only going to take one a day which gives me about 7 hours of reduced nausea. It doesn’t take it away, but it takes the edge off, I am hoping enough that I can get back on track with my work and not feel like I am on the verge of nervous breakdown. Only five days into the full swing of the nausea and I was on the verge of tears, trying to keep perspective but not knowing how I was going to manage 6 more weeks of feeling that way. So here is hoping!

A late and uninspired Monday blog, but it is done.

How was your week?



  1. Yay for the nausea reducing pills! Interesting find with that storybook. Let me know how it goes. My week has been good, but suddenly have waaay too much to do (you know how it is), but it’s all manageable. Hope you’re having a good day. Missing you and sending lots of booger-be-nice-to-your-mommy hugsies

  2. Well I hear the nausea is a good sign, meaning the little booger is digging his/her heals on in for the long haul. Yes, sushi for breakfast, totally sounds like a pregnancy thing to me, haha.

    I love your Monday blogs, you are a huge inspiration. I just finished my first semester back to school and got both A’s. I am super excited!

  3. Whew! Pregnancy is TOUGH! This is bringing back all sorts of memories… thank goodness the nausea doesn’t last the entire 9 months!
    During my first pregnancy, I became addicted to crab rangoon. I didn’t even like the things before…but one day, out of nowhere, I suddenly NEEDED that food I had tried but…didn’t like. So weird.
    I also remember lying in bed one night, unable to sleep because I was craving school pizza. I doubt that every public school in the country served up square pizza to their students every day, but ours did… and I wanted some so bad…but I was an adult…and it was midnight…LOL…no school pizza for me! 😉

  4. Oh oh oh…morning sickness. Luckily for me when I was pregnant I hadn’t yet developed my wheat intolerance and was able to stuff down the Saltine crackers, which really worked for me!

    Hang in there, my sister! I’m so excited to hear about the first ultrasound results! Just take it all one day at a time and nice and easy. Be gentle to yourself and the new little bub.

    But, I have to say that you most definitely got to be pregnant to eat sushi for breakfast…although I love sushi enough that I might try it in the morning if I was in the right frame of mind…nah…only pregnancy cravings could drive me to it…or extreme hunger.

    My weird craving was a whole Ruby Red grapefruit every day…peeled them and ate them like a giant orange. I also went from being a vegetarian to a meat eater because I craved the protein like a maniac and tofu, rice, and beans weren’t doing it for me and the little rolling, roiling wildcat in my womb. Hard to believe she’s going to be 18 soon and heading off into the world.

    Treasure each moment for they fly away fast on magic wings.

    Oh, and my week…well, tested negative for swine flu but did end up on antibiotics for terrible sinus/respiratory infection. Feeling better and back and school and work.

    Finals are coming, finals are coming! The next two weeks will be a blur of wild studying and cramming and review sessions…for both myself and my daughter…and then she graduates and I have to get ready for next year without her.

    So, I’ve been trying to keep quality time with family at the top of the list whenever it works for all of us…the rain has come back, so no gardening, and just trying to keep my head above water in general whilst in the midst of some decisions that will most likely dramatically change the road-map of my future…for the better I hope.

    Love and Peace

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