Posted by: alegra22 | April 26, 2009

Pizza and Elephant Tranquilizers

I can't lay claim to this thing of beauty but give me another few months and my closets will look like this.

I can't lay claim to this thing of beauty but give me another few months and my closets will look like this.

A good man recognizes when his wife needs a pizza. A good woman helps her man out by making sure he recognizes the need. Tonight I did this by nearly bursting into tears when Dan came home with KFC instead of the agreed upon Hell’s Pizza he had ventured out into the rain to hunt down. Well, it was to get pizza and to exchange a broken dish from a set we purchased on a domestic splurge we had at Briscoes, a store I describe to my American friends as “Target but stocked with homewares.”

Or, Briscoe: the mother lode for nesters.

Dan and I love a cozy, calm, beautiful home environment. An impossibility with two children under five but we do our best. Dan and I have also been poor students for the last six years of our lives together. Small things like purchasing the cleaning products we want or a set of half-price dishes give us a feeling of abundance. We have made it work through sacrifice, the help of our family, unexpected blessings and the fact that Dan and I are just so grateful that we found one another. Our marriage has been our lottery ticket, we have always trusted the rest would fall into place.

Things are changing for us slowly but surely. We are “moving on up, to the top, to that delux apartment in the sky…”

In the last two years since we moved into our humble little home our lives have transformed. With every change we have made in our home, there has been a corresponding change in our lives. I have landscaped myself into the hospital while pregnant with Zaviera, built a fence while working on the novel for the Writer’s Digest trip and repainted the entire living room and kitchen while preparing to present my first university lectures. Everything in our home represents a change in our lives.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to find myself in a burst of early onset nesting. With my previous pregnancies, other than the one I miscarried, the first trimester has involved two things: being at University fulltime and renovating a home we couldn’t live in. When I was pregnant with Sol we had to strip down the wallpaper in our house in Hamilton (we were renting it out and living in the granny unit) because the walls had been saturated with curry by our previous tenants and we had to rent the place out quickly to make the mortgage. It was an involved task involving many hours with a towel held up to my face to try to hold off the paint fumes.

First trimester with Zaviera we were preparing the same house to put on the market. It was like dejavu. This pregnancy we are settled in to our very own home, all the painting is done and I thought this equated into a relaxing ‘focus on my studies’ first trimester. Yesterday Dan came home to find me standing on the countertop scrubbing at the wood beams in our ceiling complaining about “at least ten years of fossilized fly crap! We need a ladder so I can get all the beams!” And then I moved on to reorganizing the kitchen. And then scrubbing the hinges of the wooden toilet lid because in the middle of the night I noticed they were no longer brass but oozing repulsive green metal algae.

Dan said, “You’re nesting.”
Me, “No! This just needs to be cleaned. Plus, I’m barely pregnant.”

I don’t think ‘barely pregnant’ is the way Dan was describing me in his head last night when he came home and saw my face register his pizza-less presence. Or when he put KFC proudly down on the counter and I turned my nose up at it because it smelled like the sweat of a post-copulating chicken. I don’t think ‘barely pregnant’ is what how he would describe it at all.

After I began to eye the edging in our house and found myself contemplating repainting it, I realized that maybe, just maybe, this is all hormonally inspired. I realized that even if I hadn’t been forced to do all that renovating with my first two pregnancies, I might have been doing it anyway.

I have promised family to keep myself under control, to take it easy this pregnancy, especially after what happened with Zaviera. Lifting thirty pound bags of soil and rocks while 8 months pregnant because “My Spanish ancestors were out working the fields while they were pregnant! They squatted, cut the cord, slung their baby on their back and kept going…I can plant some yucca trees,” was not such a good idea in hindsight.

I am standing by my promise to take it easy this time round but I might require a daily elephant tranquilizer shot to pull it off.



  1. so lets review. You are pregnant? Congrats!

    Sorry, I’ve been out of the loop lately. Need to catch up

    • It is great to have you back, you always keep me on my toes!

  2. I wonder…how do you explain away that kind of behavior if the one indulging in it is not pregnant?

    Just out of curiosity, of course 🙂

    • Ally, it is a sign of genius pure and simple. So, tell this unpregnant woman she is a spectacular woman and her behavior only proves it.

  3. I’m glad to hear you’re taking – and going to continue taking – good care of yourself.

    And, you’ve inspired me to try to plant a garden, which involves first picking the right spot in the yard and then fencing it off somehow from the Aspen-dog… Hmm, I might even have a to-do list for this week…!

    Sending you much love –

    • I am committed to taking it easy (you know, within the capacity I have for taking it easy) because I do not in any way want a replay of what happened with Zaviera – even though the doctors claim that it wasn’t due to the yardwork, I know it didn’t help. I felt the tear when it happened and it was due to me lifting something, I was just in so much chronic pain I ignored it because I was used to pushing through things.

      Now that I have recieved so many answers with my body and health, I am in ‘preservation’ mode. Of course we have some plans to get the house in further order but the big strong menfolk can take care of it…I’ll stick to writing a novel and organizing the crayons ;o)

  4. Taking it easy, heh. I’m curious as to what exactly you consider ‘taking it easy’ – painting a few rooms is fairly mild. You could re-carpet the house or re-tile the roof without breaking a sweat 😉

    • I have actually been so unmotivated. I was complaining to Dan about this and he said, “Maybe you should take some time off.” He wishes, oh yes, he only wishes. That would be working against my blood. The thing is, I did take time off last week, you know, relatively speaking…hoping it would give me a burst of enthusiasm this week and it has, but it has also given me a burst of anxiety, ‘Oh no, I am not going to pull this off!”
      You know the voice.

  5. Congratulations for ths next journey of live wih your entire faimily!!!! Wishing all peace and sime harvony

    • OOPs….. I meang go end with the meaining of strongth and health harmony.

      • Thank you Jane :o)

  6. I just looked and unfortunately the U.S. has some goofy rule that says I can’t send you a Moretti’s pizza. The grease would’ve totally kept it good for a week in transport. Sorry.

    • I know you would if you could…you are just that kind of guy. Plus, you would want to save Dan from misery.

  7. The sweat of a post-copulating chicken? Well, there goes my current craving for KFC… Ewww!

    Don’t ask me how I found this site (let’s just say I have a gift for finding people whose blogs I love to read.. w00t!) but I’m sure glad I did! Expecting another bundle of awesome joy, eh? Congratulations! Keep your feet up. Right after you reorganize the closets, of course. 😉

    • So glad you found me! I have wondered about you and how you are doing. Yep, preggers again, the third and final round. KFC was not a good experience for a stretch there but the nausea is beginning to back off now, I am ten weeks today and the smells aren’t assualting me quite like they once were. And speaking of closets, in a burst of energy I actually organized one shelf in our pantry yesterday ;o)

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