Posted by: alegra22 | August 9, 2008


Lately, Sol’s personality has ambushed me.

For example, yesterday Dan and I packed the two ruffians up and headed to the pools. Now that his language is becoming so sophisticated we are having a little fun with it, getting him to repeat things we know will come bouncing back at us with increased entertainment value, such as, “Hey Sol you need to burn off some energy!”

“Yeah, I really need to burn off the energy!”

“Sol, don’t you think that idea is a little absurb?”

“Mommy, that idea is an abdurd!”

Anyway so after the pool adventure we sat in the cafe and Sol was allowed to get his new favoritest thing to covet: Cheeze Rings! (in the BLUE package, the ORANGE package is what the rest of us are allowed to eat, the BLUE is ONLY for Sol)

This is where I see Dan’s personality really come to the forefront. Zaviera and I enjoy tormenting others in a very upfront way. We are loud and proud about being obnoxious. Sol and Dan on the other hand…

Well, it is like this. I am letting Sol fully revel in being stingy with his Cheeze Rings. He is fondling them like the ring, his gentle boy features becoming gollumish before my eyes. Dan gets up with Zaviera. It just myself and the Master Clarke whispering and cooing to his Cheeze Rings. He turns to me, his face magically transforming not just back to its usual handsome goofy self but with a shade of something more – a hint of the man he will one day  become. He looks me in the eyes with an intensity that makes me pause, a smile softening his mouth, he leans in and whispers, barely audible:

you want to taste one Mommy?

He raises his eyebrows in encouragement, go on, take one, his expression says.

Mommy, you want to taste one of my chippies? Do you?

It is so sweet, so precious, this intimate sharing of his most coveted possesion of the moment…I lean in and whisper back.

Yes please, I would love one of your chippies…

He nods encouragingly, reaches tenderly into the package, draws one out and offers it to me.

I reach out, smiling, thinking what a fascinating little guy he is and then he yells:


Actually, come to think of it, I might not be able to blame this behavior on Dan…



  1. Love it! This is just a reminder of why kids are so awesome. Certainly when you have kids you sometimes forget how much fun they can be. If the low times are plentiful it can be difficult to see the forest through the trees (cheese).

    I constantly remind myself of all the cool times I have with my daughters and wince when I think about the stink times. To be honest I would think there aren’t that many, but that’s from my perspective not theirs! Sol’s mind is on the move, extending his language is the perfect way to open your kids mind to the world around them…I myself am a product of a TV generation…our children are a product of the ‘inter web’ generation. Which is more positive? Which is more dangerous?

    Keep enjoying these times Ahhh-Legg-Rahh, before they turn 35 and forget where you live!

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