Posted by: alegra22 | November 1, 2007

cross pollinating beef with chicken

I am sitting here, in usual fashion (feet up on chair, food in my mouth, coffee to the left, kids too quiet to be a good thing) and I am thinking:

that plants have recently taught me a valuable lesson

not all living things require the same conditions to thrive

some desire restriction

others depth




fig trees will never fruit if you don’t contain their roots – their roots grow faster than their branches and all the energy gets sucked downwards, leaving them barren

And then I think about how…

Sol appears to be a great deal like his father; intense with a sense of order about the world. When Sol gets focused on an action, he has a single minded drive to see that action to completion

Zaviera, on the other hand, gets annoyed and shoves her fist down her throat as if to say ‘See! See what you made me do to myself?!’ and then starts cackling with glee when you right the wrong that has been so injustly visited upon her. She is my daughter in looks and spirit.

When Dan and I first moved in together our first point of clash and instruction in ‘how the other is wired’ was over a packet of meat seasoning.

Szechuan Beef Stir Fry

I wanted to use it for chicken.

Dan said, “you can’t use it for chicken! it says BEEF, Ah-leg-ra!” (that is how he pronounces my name when he is Educating Me The Uncivilized Exotic Creature He Fell In Love With.

Me, “oh, what, is it against the law? Are we going to go to seasoning hell because we didn’t obey the instructions? It’s just seasoning!”

Now, I am joking, flirting. I am batting my eyelashes and shimmying around him, taunting him. But he doesn’t get this. Just like he didn’t get the joyful amusement of me dumping a cold pot of water on his head when he was showering one night. Sometimes I am simply unappreciated. But anyway…

point is…Dan gets this LOOK. I call it the ‘uhoh…the window shades are down look’. He goes into a competition mode and he will fight to the death. He is like a machine.

“No, Ah leg RAH. They say ‘beef’ for a reason. You can’t USE chicken. It has to do with the spices.”

“oh yeah? then how come you can order it in the restaurants with your choice of chicken, beef or prawn. Huh? How about that?”

At this point I am laughing wildly because I can’t believe he is for real. I mean, this was a serious breech of code for him.

In the end, we agreed to disagree.

And he will never change in this. Sure, as an act of goodwill he has allowed me to do certain things That Are Not In The Natural Order Of How Things Are Meant to Be…but still, if the packet says Beef, Dan is cooking Beef.

Zaviera, I can tell already, is the type of girl who will look at packet with BEEF and throw in tofu.

Sol is a BEEF man through and through.

Dan is a plant whose roots need a certain amount of containment to grow properly.

I am a plant who needs a solid structure like Dan to drape myself around.

We cross polinate and produce great beauty.



  1. I just read Salamander Prayer and so it was very nice to come across your blog.

    Really enjoyed your writing.

    – Jesse

  2. Loved this. As I said, waiting to read your novel, whenever it comes out 🙂

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Indigenously!

  4. So it begins Ahh-Leg-Rah…Even less than four years ago you had your finger on the pulse of your man and your children. Hindsight it’s a wonderful thing. Dan is like the anchor to your…Catamaran, keeping to the whole idea of exotic. It ties in well. Without Dan you would just float off into the ocean of life, this most likely reflects your love of the waves and the freedom that you feel when your paddling in the Moana. Dan has brought some stability to your life. He is the Ying to your Yang (I don’t know which is which). Together you bring balance to each others life. What a wonderful thing you have going on (back then) and now in the present. If you have a look back at this first post you will look back in satisfaction.

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